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Snohomish County Housing Market

If you need to sell your house fast, then right now is the time to sell. More people are looking to buy homes than there are for sale. Our Puget Sound real estate market is moving fast. 

As a seller, you can take advantage of the market and move forward with your goals. It is not a question of if your home will sell. The question is, how quickly can you prepare to leave if and when the house sells?

People are leaving the city and coming to Snohomish County, the 4th largest county in Washington. It is also one of the fastest-growing counties in Washington state. Homeowners in the city are finding larger houses in the country that are more affordable and located in areas that feel safe for their families.

Sell Your Home Fast

Houses in Snohomish County/ Puget Sound are selling.

In some cases, houses sold in between 1-2 weeks, while in some extreme cases, reports of homes sold in 3 days! Although house prices are at an all-time high, interest rates are down, which increases buyer’s incentives. Every sale varies, and your house might take longer than three days to sell, but help is available for you if you need to sell your home fast.

Some people are even waiving home inspections just to get their bid on a house early. Skipping home inspections is never recommended as it will cost thousands of dollars later when the buyer finds out they need to replace a costly item. These emotional and impulsive decisions are proving that buyers are desperate and motivated to buy homes. Please see my blog on the importance of home inspections.

People’s lives are changing quickly and dramatically. Life’s challenges are bringing on new jobs and changing how we live, work, and function. If you have to relocate soon, selling your house fast and at a great price is possible.

Preparing to sell your house

The first thing you need to start doing is to get your house ready for viewing. If you want to sell your house fast, you’ll want it to be available for viewing both online and off. Start cleaning your house from top to bottom, inside and out. Getting rid of the clutter makes it easier for you to move. The appearance of your home brings in the offers quicker. Repaint your house’s interior and exterior. You want your house to resemble pictures from a magazine.

You want to increase the curb appeal with professional landscaping. You don’t have to re-design the entire lawn, just make it look neat and highlight focal points. Make sure to eliminate lawn statues and ornaments. Be sure to sweep walkways, steps, and entrances. Pick up anything laying around doorways. 

Hiring a home staging and designing team will absolutely increase views from potential buyers and increase the sales price.

Home stagers will tell you to pack up personal belongings like pictures, nicknacks, or collected items. Remove pop culture items, stacks of books, and most things taking up space. Professional deep cleaning of the home is recommended. It needs to look, smell, and feel clean.

You do not want to be home when your house is being viewed. If you want a lot of people to see your house within a limited time, it might be a good idea for you to stay with a friend or family member. If you are living at the house, it is more stressful because you will have to leave every day or at the last minute for viewing, and the house needs to be cleaned when you do.

Hire a qualified agent to list and sell your house.

Selling your home is stressful and we understand that you are going through quite a lot. Regardless of your situation, you can trust an experienced real estate agent to take care of the significant amount of paperwork and negotiations for you. 

A real estate agent will sell your house fast and will sell it for the highest price. In some cases, a real estate agent can sell your house at 40% more than if you sold it yourself.

An agent will customize the sale according to your needs. You tell him what you need and you will stay in control of the sale. Only with a sales agent will you be guided to make the right decisions about the items you might not be so sure about.

A realtor’s guidance gives you assurance and directs important sales procedures.

  • House prep and repairs
  • Pricing the home and getting max. value
  • Preparing a selling strategy
  • Marketing and promoting your home
  • Negotiations with buyer
  • Closing paperwork
Rob and his team are amazing!! I had so much anxiety about the process that I avoided calling a real estate agent, but from the minute I spoke to Rob, my worries were gone! Rob walked us through the selling and buying process. He made it so easy! He answered all of my calls and texts quickly! His staff is extremely helpful and kind too! They go above and beyond to help and support their clients. If you are looking for someone to guide you through the home buying/selling process with support, humor, and honesty, Rob Gadbois Real Estate is the way to go!! ~Stacy

Call Rob today to get your house listed and sold. (425) 760-5626

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