The Importance of Home Inspections

home inspections

Why inspections are a necessary part of buying a house in Snohomish County

Home Inspections are one of the most valuable tasks when buying or selling a home. Inspections reveal the overall state of the house while identifying potential defects, safety concerns, and potentially expensive repairs. 

We’ve listed a few reasons why home inspections are important. In this blog, you’ll read common types of inspections, why they are necessary, and how the inspection process benefits both buyers and sellers.

Why Home Inspections Are Crucial

A clear objective when buying a home is to avoid paying hidden costs to repair problems buyers didn’t know existed. A home inspection identifies items needing repair, replacement, or restoration. The buyer and real estate agent will form a strategy for negotiating the purchase price with this information. There are many ways buyers and sellers can yield positive results by uncovering the home’s problems. Obstacles often reveal solutions benefiting both parties. 

The Current Market

The current real estate market is extremely competitive, as there are more buyers than homes in available inventory. Some buyers are waiving home inspections in hopes their offer will look more attractive. It’s important to understand why this may not be the best option.

If the seller has completed a thorough inspection before listing with a reputable, licensed, and insured inspector, they usually make the report available to all prospective buyers. If the seller provides an inspection report, it benefits both buyer and seller. A proper inspection saves everyone time and money. 

Buyer benefits of home inspections

  • A professional home inspection helps the buyer make informed decisions about the potential purchase.
  • The buyer has more negotiating power with a detailed inspection report.
  • The seller may offer to repair the items for the buyer before closing.
  • The buyer has more confidence in the purchase.

Seller benefits of home inspections

  • Completing an inspection before listing allows the seller to remedy issues.
  • Having an available report enables a smoother transaction. Buyers can review the report instead of scheduling inspections independently. An available report frees up more time for showings and decreases sellers’ time away from the house.
  • Inspection reports provide a more accurate price on the house.
  • Buyers may make their first offer to the seller (with the inspection report.) The seller (without a report) gives the buyer more work to do.


Home inspections include details about the home’s major components, such as the roof, foundation, siding, electrical, plumbing, and heat source.  

General Residential

The most common inspection report is the general or residential inspection which includes a detailed look at the home’s overall condition. These items include the roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, exterior siding, insulation, ventilation, and more. A general residential inspector does not inspect septic systems or underground equipment. There are available specialists for these types of inspections. 



This inspection gathers information regarding any infestation in the home. These records indicate signs of decay caused by termites, rodents, or other harmful insects.


Water Well

The water well inspection assesses the well and the water pump’s performance. Tests evaluate the tank’s restorative water along with the pressure tank, valves, and gauges.

Oil Tank

Similar to the water well test, assessments include the oil pump’s overall function. Tests evaluate the reservoir pressure and how it responds to the extraction of the oil.

Septic Tank

A visual inspection of the tank and a destruction test is performed, including a more in-depth look at the system. I can provide direction based on the individual property and timelines/records of previous maintenance.

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